Our lease at 321 Wellington is coming due and the Branch has been searching everywhere in Kitchener-Waterloo for a new home.  We are pleased to announce that we have located a new building at 315 Breithaupt St in Kitchener.  Basically it's right around the corner from our present location.  At present it is just one big room so we have a lot of construction that needs to be done to make it home.  One of the most important features of the "New Ship" will be a 30' x 60' parade deck with 14' ceilings
While we are going through the different phases of construction we will try to keep you informed of where we are in the status of our new home.
Obviously the renovations are going to be expensive.  So as we proceed we will be looking for people who will help with some of the construction.  If you have a special trade that would benefit us please contact Shawn Dittmer the President of the Branch.at president@warspiteseacadets.com.
We will also be needing a lot of help financially.  That's why we have setup our "Save Our Ship Campaign" (S.O.S.)  For more information on the SOS Campaign follow the above link.
At this moment we have had drawings made of our plans and we have submitted them and received the OK to proceed from the City of Kitchener.  Right now we are just waiting for the building permit to start  installing the plumbing.  We are expecting the permit any day now.