The Department of National Defense (DND) provides the funding for the mandatory training during the year and the summer camps including transportation to and from the camps.  All other funding is provided by the Navy League of Canada-K/W Branch (the Branch).  This includes the renting and maintenance of the building we train in.  The Branch is made up of a group of volunteers from the parents as well as past cadets.  The Branch relies on the assistance from cadets and their parents to fundraise over the course of the year.  The Branch runs several fundraising campaigns during the training year.  However, the most important fundraising activity is bingo.  We run our bingo's every other Saturday morning starting at 11:30 and going to approximately 3:30.  The money raised at the bingo's is mainly used for the building.  If we didn't have the bingo's there would be no extra activities because all the money we raise in other methods would have to go into the building.  We know that parents are busy but if every parent would just commit to two bingo's a year we would be set.  The following is a list of several other activities we run during the year;
  • Bingo
  • Tag Days x 2
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Pepperette drive
  • MacMillans Chicken
  • Spring Dance
Every year we usually try something new to see how it would work for us.  If you have an idea for a fundraising activity contact the Fundraising Chair @