1. What do Sea Cadets do?

    A: Lots of things on and off the water’

  • sailing
  • first-aid
  • nautical activities
  • team sports
  • music
  • public speaking, leadership training and instructional technique
  • summer camps and international travel
  • military marching and parades
  • citizenship activities

It all happens in a fun, friendly and safe environment that will motivate you to give your best.

2. How will cadets help me at school?

A: The skills you develop at Cadets will benefit you with your schoolwork.  You’ll be better organised, you’ll be better able to focus and you’ll learn to work in a team.

3 Will I be expected to join the Canadian Armed Forces?

A: Absolutely not.  Cadets is a great way to find out more about Canada, make friends and develop new skills that will be with you for life, no matter what career you choose.

4. How much does it cost?

A: The Cadet Program is funded by the Department of National Defense(DND) in partnership with the civilian Navy League. The civilian sponsor requires local support to meet it’s obligations that include accommodations, training aids and equipment and program enhancements not provided by DND.  Because there is no monetary cost to cadets parents and cadets are expected to participate in and contribute to fundraising as required by the leagues local sponsor.