Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Warspite Welcomes New Commanding Officer

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Being the Commanding Officer of a Cadet Corps is no easy task. It takes lots of dedication, commitment, and determination. For the past 3 years, RCSCC Warspite has been very fortunate to have Lt(N) Michelle Kirkham as our Commanding Officer. On the 5th of March 2019, the Change of Command Ceremony took place. Although it is sad to see such a great leader leave, it is with a warm heart that we welcome Lt(N) Eric Bremner as our new Commanding Officer.


Pictured: The incoming Commanding Officer, Lt(N) Eric Bremner, Presiding Officer, LCdr Chris Patterson, and Outgoing Commanding Officer, Lt(N) Michelle Kirkham


Throughout the ceremony, speeches were made talking about Lt(N) Kirkham’s career as a cadet and as an officer within the Canadian Cadet Organization. Lt(N) Kirkham joined RCSCC Ajax when she was 15 years old, her family moved to Southampton where she joined RCSCC Cape Hurd and progressed through the ranks until she earned the position of Coxswain. Lt(N) Kirkham shows her dedication to the Sea Cadet program, she has worked with many Sea Cadet Corps as well as Navy League Corps. In 2011, RCSCC Warspite welcomed her as a New Entry Officer and Divisional Officer.


During her time at RCSCC Warspite Lt(N) Kirkham has worked with the Marksmanship and Seamanship teams. While working with these teams she has connected with Cadets and built a close bond with everyone in the Ship’s Company. Each night Lt(N) Kirkham came to training nights with a positive attitude and brought a smile to each person she interacted with. RCSCC Warspite was incredibly lucky to have Lt(N) Kirkham as an officer, her dedication and time spent with Warspite was very appreciated and will be missed.


Pictured: Lt(N) Michelle Kirkham addresses the Ship’s Company


As we thank Lt(N) Kirkham for her time spent at RCSCC Warspite, we welcomed a new Commanding Officer, Lt(N) Eric Bremner. Lt(N) Bremner started his Cadet career in Sault Ste. Marie when he joined the Navy League Cadet Corps Newman then later joined RCSCC Royal Sovereign. During his years as a Cadet, Lt(N) Bremner attained level 5 Master Bandsman qualification. He has dedicated much of his time to music and band, one highlight of his cadet career was when his band won the provincial band competition.


Pictured: Lt(N) Eric Bremner being officially welcomed as the new Commanding Officer of RCSCC Warspite


Lt(N) Bremner continues showing his love for music as he directs the RCSCC Warspite band. With Lt(N) Bremner leading the band RCSCC Warspite has won the regional band competition and moved on to provincials. His work and connection with the Cadets of RCSCC Warspite does not go unnoticed. He is truly dedicated to the Cadet Organization and RCSCC Warspite is very proud to welcome such a talented and committed Commanding Officer.

The Warspite Family has been very fortunate to have such great Commanding Officers and we wish both Lt(N) Kirkham and Lt(N) Bremner good luck on their new adventures.

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