Farewell to CPO2 Lacroix

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There comes a time in a cadet’s life that they must eventually leave the program.  At the age of 19, a cadet must retire or “age-out” and on Tuesday 22 January, 2019, that time came for CPO2 Alexander-Marc Lacroix.

CPO2 Lacroix joined RCSCC Warspite in 2014 as a late joiner but in his 4 years with the program, he has succeed in all aspects and grown as a person.  CPO2 Lacroix has been to summer camp, many competitions and has been the drum major for the band.  He has been a dedicated cadet and one of our most improved cadets year over year.

We wish CPO2 Lacroix well in his adventures and hope he will come back to visit.

A tradition with RCSCC Warspite is if a cadet stays with the corps until their 19th birthday they are “mugged-out”.  They receive a mug with the corps crest and their rank, name and start and end dates with corps.  On 22 Jan, CPO2 Lacroix received his mug from the commanding officer, Lt(N) Kirkham.

CPO2 Lacroix bravo zulu on a great time with RCSCC Warspite and behalf of the entire ship’s company: Fair Winds and Following Seas.