Ceremonial Divisions

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Each month we hold Ceremonial Divisions, in which we recognize Cadets who are being promoted and general presentations and awards.

When a new Cadet joins RCSCC Warspite the tradition is to swear in the Cadet as a member of the Ship’s Company.

On November 27, 2018, we had the privilege to swear in 5 new cadets.

Welcome to the Ship’s Company!


A part of the training we offer at Warspite is Air Rifle Marksmanship. During our range nights, Cadets are able to try out for their marksmanship levels.

Bravo Zulu to Schmidt K and Nicholson who achieved their level 1 marksmanship qualification!

BZ to Frank and Picano for achieving their level 2 marksmanship qualification!

BZ to Newell and Dorscht for achieving their level 3 marksmanship qualification!

BZ to PO2 Schmidt for achieving his level 4 marksmanship qualification!


As you move through your years in Cadets you get promoted to different ranks.The following Cadets worked hard to achieve their new rank and be promoted.

AB Ellis was promoted to the rank of Leading Seaman. Bravo Zulu!

LS Pennacchioli, LS Reiber, and LS Dorscht were promoted to the rank Master Seaman. BZ!

In order to be promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer Second Class, you must have high standards of drill, dress, and deportment, and possess strong leadership qualities. You must also sit a board in order to see if you can meet the standards to be promoted. PO1 Burt, PO1 Gillingham, PO1 Green, PO1 Lacroix, and PO1 Bechard were all promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer Second Class. A huge Bravo Zulu to these cadets!

To be promoted to Chief Petty Officer First Class you must possess the strong ability of leadership, communication, and team work. You must have high standards of drill, dress, and deportment, and must also complete a board. Not every cadet gets to achieve this rank. A huge Bravo Zulu to the CPO2 class Griffin who was promoted to CPO1!

Another big promotion at our corps goes to Acting Sub-Lieutenant Griffin who was promoted to the rank Sub- Lieutenant! Bravo Zulu Sir!


A huge part of the Cadet Program is promoting physical fitness. During fitness testing Cadets have a chance to try for their fitness levels.

MS Pennacchioli and PO2 Kok achieved their bronze fitness level. Bravo Zulu

OS Burt and PO2 Schmidt achieved their silver fitness level. Bravo Zulu!