Tag Days April 8th & 9th

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Tag Days is once again upon us. This is one of the biggest fundraisers that the cadets do in the cadet training year.

There are 4 shifts:

  1. April 8th 800hrs (8:00am) to 1200hrs (12:00pm)
  2. April 8th 1300hrs (1:00pm)  to 1700hrs (5:00pm)
  3. April 9th 800hrs (8:00am) to 1200hrs (12:00pm)
  4. April 9th 1300hrs (1:00pm) to 1700hrs (5:00pm)

 We are asking for Volunteer drivers (this is to drive cadets to a location alotted by cadet staff and Navy League) to sign up.  Can go to Navy League tab and select Tag Day sign-up, click the link below or Contact Jen Gould (fundraising chair). We ask the volunteers show up 30 minutes before their shift so we can have cadets to location as close to shift start time. End of shift time is when cadets will be picked up at location to come back to ship. Those cadets and volunteers that sign up for all day will have lunch provided.